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 IKOS Research is hosting an event in London on 3 June entitled 'Which Indices for Alternative Investment?', co-sponsored by French business school Edhec.

Simon Ruddick of Albourne Partners will be the keynote speaker, sharing his experience on alternative investment styles and indices.

Professor Lionel Martinelli of Edhec has developed a mathematical approach to utilising the universe of indices, which he will describe at the event.

Individual indices are constructed for different reasons: investability, specific focus on certain styles and proprietary categorisations. These are not weaknesses, but actual competitive advantages for each index construction firm.

Professor Martinelli aims to demonstrate the value of using all existing alternative  indices in order to extract the maximum amount of information from differing alternative investment styles.

Dr Peter Ho of IKOS Research will present a case study analysing IKOS funds in relation to alternative investment indices.

Limited spaces are still available to industry professionals on a first come, first serve basis. For further details contact Stanley Marchon at IKOS, Tel. +44 20 7237 3050  or Email -


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