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Paris-based Olympia Capital Management (OCM) has launched a French fund that combines both traditional and alternative investment approaches.

Relying on OCM's 15 years of experience in both traditional (long only) and alternative (hedge fund) funds, the new Euro-denominated, COB-approved fund, Olympia Strategies Alpha, has the objective to extract Alpha (returns above that of the index market) in both falling and rising markets.

Unlike many traditional funds that merely closet track the indices, Olympia has selected specialist stock pickers with proven track records covering a range of international markets.

Long short strategies will therefore be mostly excluded from the alternative section of the fund.

By combining traditional managers with Olympia's historic expertise in alternative fund selection, Olympia has created a new investment product that is intended to appeal to traditional and alternative investors alike due to its low risk profile, diversification and ability to profit from almost all market conditions. 

The fund is aiming for a positive performance with equity linked returns on a 36-month rolling basis and under normal capital market conditions, plus an annualised standard deviation below that of the MSCI World index.


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