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Horizon Cash Management, cash manager to many of the world's largest hedge funds and institutional investors, revealed  that client assets under management grew by 27% in the first quarter, after starting 2004 at USD 1.5 billion. 

Diane Mix, Horizon President and Founder, said: "The sustained low interest rate environment has put active cash management back on the industry's radar screen, but fund managers and investors should pay close attention to optimizing their cash balances regardless of the interest rate environment. The key is the ability to maximize cash holdings and outperform throughout all interest rate cycles."

While maintaining a lean, highly effective staff, Horizon is adding key positions to its IT and customer service departments as it prepares for continued growth.

Since its founding in 1991, Horizon has consistently delivered average net returns in excess of Treasury Bills and institutional money market rates, while continuing to provide daily liquidity to clients. Horizon's assets under management have grown 500% in five years.  

Background Note: Chicago-based Horizon Cash Management LLC provides customized portfolio and treasury services to hedge funds, futures funds, fund-of- funds, and institutional investors worldwide.  Horizon is a registered investment adviser with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and currently manages approximately USD 2 billion in client assets.


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