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Asia's regional benchmark indexes witnessed a rebound for the month of June, with the Nikkei reporting a gain of 5.54%.

However, hedge funds in this sector did not perform as well as the benchmark and only managed to gain 2.23%. This brings returns over the year-to-date to 11.79%.

The Asia ex-Japan universe posted a loss of 1.3% but achieved a 1.4% gain for the year, while the MSCI Pacific free ex-Japan Index remained flattish. The Bank of Bermuda AsiaHedge Composite Index, on the other hand, was up 0.79%, resulting in a gain of 3.49% for the year.

The Australian hedge fund universe remained steady with an increase of 1.94% for the month against a rise of 2.12% for the Australian All Ordinaries Index. This resulted in a year-to-date gain for both the Bank of Bermuda AsiaHedge Australian Long Short and the Australian All Ordinaries, of 5.57% and 6.49% respectively.

Emerging markets funds also posted a gain of 0.68%, bringing their overall returns for the year to 3.63%. The MCSI Emerging Markets Free Net Index on the other hand gained 0.43%, resulting in a return of 0.97% for the year so far.

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