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Tech Update: StoneHedge implements Cogency Alternative Investment™

Stonehedge Partners has implemented Cogency Alternative Investment™ software to integrate and manage enterprise-wide information.

The software has been developed by Cogency Software, Inc., a provider of Smart Enterprise Solutions™ for the financial services industry.

Cogency stated its Cogency Alternative Investment software "is the first solution for the aggregation and management of essential enterprise-wide information, allowing firms to streamline operations, increase profit and deliver better service and returns to investors."

 Pivotal to its implementation at StoneHedge Partners, a leading full-service hedge fund services organisation, is the flexibility of Cogency's core technology allowing StoneHedge to roll the solution out to its own clients in a hosted model.

Tim Straus, founder, chairman, and CEO, StoneHedge Partners, said: "Cogency is a critical component of our business and is already resulting in significant and measurable benefits for us. It is the backbone of much of what we do relating to our funds, from automating many operational processes to risk management and transparency oversight, all the way through fund management. In an environment that is going to require greater information flow between investors, fund managers, and regulators, we see the Cogency solution as fundamental to aggregating and delivering timely, accurate and relevant information to the right people at the right time."

Sameer Shalaby, president and CEO, Cogency Software, said: "StoneHedge is the ideal business partner for Cogency as it is committed to providing a unique and high-value solution to the ever-evolving alternative investment industry. The flexible and powerful nature of our solution and its core technology is well suited to the pioneering nature of the StoneHedge Partners business."

StoneHedge implemented the latest version of Cogency Alternative Investment, released in May 2004. This new version includes three primary areas of functionality:

* Fund management designed to have a direct and significant impact on an alternative investment manager's ability to increase firm revenue and drive profits by giving accurate, complete, and timely visibility into the performance of complex funds

* Operational automation that integrates the front office with the back office, while reducing the need for manual intervention, to better serve investors with timely reporting and to efficiently address SEC reporting regulations

* Investor relationship management that includes a complete and industry-tailored investor module, providing fund managers and executives the ability to link investor information with their holdings, inflows/outflows, and trading restrictions in a single integrated view.
Cogency Alternative Investment is currently helping some of the largest hedge funds and money management firms in the world accelerate their business performance by providing a targeted set of solutions that rely on the deep knowledge and expertise Cogency's team has in the alternative investment arena.

Background Note: Cogency aims to accelerate business performance by providing Smart Enterprise Solutions™ to the financial services industry. Alternative investment firms, banks, asset managers, insurance companies and their service providers use Smart Enterprise Solutions to manage and scale their businesses. Cogency's solutions aim to enable clients to gain access to data from limitless sources around their businesses, transform that data into useful information and put it into immediately effective context—enabling them to take action and seize opportunities to drive revenue and client satisfaction.

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