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Tech Update: Sofaer Gold Research selects 4S.Yellowstone

Sofaer Global Research has licensed 4S.Yellowstone, a software product that helps develop, operate and analyse arbitrarily complex automated strategies.

The product has been developed by San Francisco-based 4th Story, a provider of software that identifies and manages trading opportunities for hedge funds, broker-dealers and institutional investors.

Sofaer will be deploying 4S.Yellowstone globally to automate proprietary analysis and research. 4S.Yellowstone provides a comprehensive infrastructure for developing, testing, optimizing and operating arbitrarily complex automated strategies, as well as performing fundamental and technical analysis studies, such as multifactor and valuation models.

Steven Smith, Chief Executive Officer of 4th Story, said: "We are impressed with Sofaer's commitment to high quality analysis tools and pleased to be selected to provide them."
4S.Yellowstone is one of several products offered by 4th Story to analyze and manage trading strategies. 4S.Klondikeā„¢ mines pairs trading potential while 4S.Evergladesā„¢ is real time trading system for arbitrarily complex automated and algorithmic trading strategies. It includes FIX connectivity, a full set of blotters, compliance checking and real time P&L reporting.

All of 4th Story's products are asset class agnostic and integrate tightly with third-party products such as data feeds and Microsoft Excel.

Background Note: 4th Story LLC is a software firm focused on enabling trading opportunities. The company's products give the user the power of rapid testing and implementation of arbitrarily complex automated and algorithmic trading strategies. The company develops its products on the Microsoft .Net platform and is based in California's San Francisco Bay Area.

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