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Robert McWhirter launches three hedge funds

Toronto-based Selective Asset Management Inc. has launched a trio of long biased, short biased and long/short biased hedge funds

Robert J. McWhirter, F.C.S.I., CFA, President and Portfolio Manager of Selective Asset Management Inc. (SAMI), this week unveiled the three hedge funds he and his team will manage, to be invested across all markets and all sectors:

       -  Selective Asset Long Biased Equity Hedge Fund LP;
          emphasizes companies with positive fundamentals;

       -  Selective Asset Short Biased Equity Hedge Fund LP;
          emphasizes companies with weak and/or deteriorating fundamentals;

       -  Selective Asset Long/Short Fund of Funds LP;
          an equal mix of the Long Biased and Short Biased Funds.

"Investors are looking for ways to optimize their returns in the face of challenging markets. We've created these funds to offer clients flexibility, whether markets are rising, declining or moving sideways," McWhirter explained. "Our proven methodology uses a disciplined approach and seeks to achieve better frequency of out-performance and deliver better returns to our clients."

At the core of SAMI's investment philosophy is a disciplined approach based on a proprietary quantitative model that McWhirter created.

"We invest across all sectors and investment decisions are primarily based on a growth at a reasonable price management style that seeks to identify stocks that are undervalued or overvalued, as applicable to each Fund's investment bias, relative to their growth prospects," McWhirter explained. "Using this approach, earnings growth, forecasted earnings, analyst's earnings estimates, stock price performance and technical analysis will be balanced by asset growth factors such as return on equity, value criteria and earning variability factors," he added.

"While we expect the current equity rally to continue until year end and possibly into the first quarter of 2005, we continue to have concerns about the level of overall equity valuations. In addition US 10 year bond yields have risen above a 5 month down trend and appear to be headed higher. Given the longer term valuation concerns, we recommend the Selective Asset Short Biased Equity Hedge Fund LP or the Selective Asset Long/Short Fund of Funds LP, which we believe would provide diversification against market volatility," McWhirter said.

Background Note: Selective Asset Management Inc. was founded by Robert J. McWhirter, F.C.S.I., CFA. McWhirter has more than 25 years experience in the securities industry. Funds managed by McWhirter are ranked by, and Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Selective Asset Management Inc. is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as an Investment Counsel, Portfolio Manager.

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