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Distressed securities emerges as top performer in 2004

The Distressed Securities Index emerged as the best performing hedge funds strategy in 2004 with a return of 8.95 per cent over the year.

According to the latest end-2004 HFRX Indices results, the next best performer was the Event Driven Index, which returned 6.93 per cent, followed by the Market Directional Index, which turned in 4.85 per cent for the year.

In descending order, the other indices returned the following:

Absolute Return Index

Merger Arbitrage Index 

Equal Weighted Strategies Index

Global Hedge Fund Index

Equity Hedge Index

Relative Value Arbitrage Index 

Equity Market Neutral Index 

Only two indices dipped into negative equity, these were the Convertible Arbitrage Index which ended the year at -14 per cent and the Macro Index which was the worst performer at -0.32 per cent, reflecting the general lack of volatility and opportunities in these areas, although some individual funds have performed well.

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