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Academics, practitioners and key investors set to discuss future of German Hedge Fund Landscape at BAI's Super Hedge 2005 conference

Over 600 attendees are set to participate in Germany's largest hedge fund industry event, set to take place on 28 February and 1 March in Frankfurt.

The event is part of an international conference series being organised by the Bundesverband Alternative Investments (BAI, German Association of Alternative Investments).

The BAI stated: "The growth of hedge funds is unbroken: The number of funds worldwide is estimated at almost 10,000 with assets under management of roughly one trillion dollars. 40 percent of European investors are currently investing in this asset class. For 2006 60 percent are forecasted. But in Germany hedge funds have neither established themselves as quickly as initially expected nor on a broad basis. The number of funds lags far behind the international development. To date only four German single and four funds of hedge funds have been admitted as well as five foreign funds of hedge funds. In addition, there are eleven more funds waiting for admittance to the German market."

According to the BAI, this small number of funds admitted shows that the German market is still struggling with teething problems. It stated: "Tax regulations restrain German hedge funds, while foreign providers are put off by the detailed transparency requirements. For this reason many foreign investors demand the services of funds abroad and not in Germany. Despite these challenges, the asset class hedge funds has developed firm roots in Germany. German hedge funds are currently managing assets of one billion euros. Therefore, the industry is more than ever required to justify the trust awarded to it and to exploit the market's potential."

Against this backdrop the international conference 'Super Hedge 2005 - Insights for the Institutional Investor' will take place in Frankfurt on 28 February and 1 March 2005. The event is part of the BAI International Conference Series. The BAI expects over 600 national and international visitors. The latter and a number of investors will be given the opportunity to discuss the background and current developments in the market with renowned industry representatives and academics.

The keynote speaker of the conference is Wall Street legend Jim Rogers. The international investor and bestseller author became known in the 1970s as one of the managers of the Quantum Fund. Ever since he has proven his ability to discover new trends in the financial markets. Additional top-class speakers are the former FED Governor, David Mullins, and Harry Kat, hedge funds expert at the Cass Business School.

In 16 panels more than 80 speakers will discuss the image of hedge funds, the practical aspects of hedge fund management, the factors for a successful growth of the industry, the regulatory framework and the increasing institutionalisation of hedge funds. A series of speeches as well as several workshops will top the event off.

Partners of the conference 'Super Hedge 2005 - Insights for the Institutional Investor' include: Citigroup, EIM, Pioneer Investments, SG Asset Management, SJ Berwin, UBS Global Asset Management, Aegis Fund, Affinity Fund, Aspect Capital, Auda, Chicago Board of Trade, Clifford Chance, Cross Border Capital, eHedge, Eurex, FTSE Group, GLG Partners, Graf von Bismarck & Associates, Harcourt, Hedgepensions, Hedgeweek, HFR Asset Management, HSBC, Linklaters Oppenhoff & Rädler, Lupus Alpha, Pacific Alternative Asset, Platinum Capital Management, Pleon Kohtes Klewes, Plus Funds, REFCO, RiskMetrics Group, Strategic Financial Solutions, Sarasin, SEB Merchant Banking, Swiss Capital Group, SYZ & CO - 3A Alternative Investments, Standard & Poor's, Union Investment, Vega Asset Management, Bear Stearns, Fimat, Hansainvest, Indexchange, Man Investments, Sauren Fonds-Service, Cass Business School, I&PE, Absolut Report, Global Fund Analysis.

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