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Pirate Capital LLC adds two more analysts

Pirate Capital LLC has recently added two more analysts as the firm's assets grow to USD 370 million.

Matt Goldfarb and Stephen Loukas joined the value/event-driven firm as investment analysts, the newest recent hires for the firm since John Crawley, a director of sales & marketing, joined in late October 2004.

Goldfarb spent four years as counsel with Icahn Associates Corp., where he focused on distressed debt and other opportunistic investments. He advised legendary investor Carl Icahn and his investment team on transactions in special situations, restructurings and distressed holdings in telecommunications, gaming, textiles and oil and gas industries.

Loukas was at Scotia Capital. As a leveraged finance associate, Loukas arranged leverage transactions in the firm's leveraged loans and high-yield debt areas.

Pirate Capital's flagship value/event-driven fund, is the Jolly Roger Fund, which outperformed in 2004.

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