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Computer Design's Financial Portfolio Management System (FPM) now provides modular and integrated functions for the management and admin of hedge funds.

According to Haluk Toral, CEO of Computer Design, FPM's low entry cost and flexible growth potential should make it attractive to start-ups.

The system, which was first released in 1985, is already used internationally by a number of institutional fund managers on a multi-currency, multi-instrument, multi-strategy and multi-prime broker-trading platform. And it can meet the most stringent regulatory requirements by means of its powerful record keeping and reporting functionality.

FPM functionality extends to order management, cash and portfolio position reconciliation with prime brokers and administrators, corporate actions (Bloomberg Data Licence and Datastream interfaces), record keeping and reconciling for investor and non-trading transactions (subscriptions, redemptions, income and expense accruals), calculation of performance and administration fees, monitoring investment restrictions, portfolio management and performance attribution, market database. An integrated general ledger function is available as an option.

Key control issues such as prevention of unauthorised access are addressed by the use of passwords to access to different levels of the FPM system, while the database captures a complete time stamped audit trail of  transactions and any standing data modifications.

FPM is integrated with Microsoft Excel and Word and offers integrated client reporting functionality. The system can also publish reports on the web, while management functions are also available for archiving and retrieval of printed documents.

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