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Charlemagne Capital is adding to its emerging markets long-short equity range with the launch of the OCCO Latin America Fund today.

This will be the fourth fund in Charlemagne's emerging markets range, following funds dedicated to Asia, Eastern Europe and Global Emerging Markets.

The new fund will be managed using the same bottom-up investment process as the other products in Charlemagne Capital's stable and will be managed by Samir Patel and Stefan Herz.

The portfolio management team at Charlemagne Capital has extensive experience in emerging markets, both long only and long-short. The Asian and Eastern European long-short portfolios have track records dating more than three years, while the Global Emerging Markets fund was launched in June 2004. All have produced consistent risk adjusted returns.

Managed using Charlemagne's bottom-up investment process, the new fund aims to invest in a portfolio of Latin American equities, both long and short. Unlike most other emerging markets equity hedge funds, which have a significant net long bias, the fund will be managed subject to a standard deviation limit of 12%.

This is in line with the other OCCO funds and implies that the net exposure is likely to be lower than that of many other emerging markets funds.

Charlemagne stated: "Latin American markets present a good opportunity for long-short investors, especially in view of the active and attractively-priced opportunity for short selling. As a result of Charlemagne Capital's focused investment process and the experience of our Latin America team, we aim to produce consistent, long-term alpha with a low volatility."

Minimum subscription is EUR 250,000



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