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Euronext Paris launch for EasyETF DJ EURO STOXX

EasyETF has launched the EasyETF DJ EURO STOXX and two new low-cost tracker units, EasyETF EURO STOXX 50 and EasyETF STOXX 50 Europe.

Launched on 14 October 2005 on the NextTrack segment of Euronext Paris, EasyETF DJ EURO STOXX is the new tracker in the EasyETF platform, grouping trackers managed and distributed by BNP Paribas and AXA Investment Managers in partnership. It is designed as a vehicle for investing in euro-zone equity markets, and provides immediate low-cost exposure to some 300 of the most representative stocks in the euro-zone, in a single transaction.
The objective of the EasyETF DJ EURO STOXX, which at present is registered in France only, is to reproduce as closely as possible the performance of the Dow Jones EURO STOXX, an index that combines high liquidity with wide geographic and sectoral representation, as well as a considerable degree of diversity in terms of capitalisation size. The extensive panel of stocks that make up the index make it an excellent diversification tool.
For institutional investors, EasyETF DJ EURO STOXX represents a solution for use in short or long-term asset allocation in the context of strategic or tactical positioning, particularly in view of the lack of a futures contract for the Dow Jones EURO STOXX. It can also be used as a hedging tool. 
Associated with sectoral EasyETFs, the new tracker enables investors to constitute euro- zone equity exposure within their portfolios rapidly, with the option of over or under-weighting exposure to a particular sector.
Private investors meanwhile, will appreciate the PEA eligibility of the new tracker, which in addition enables them to diversify risk through a basket of almost 300 stocks.
Also eligible for the SRD (deferred payment system), EasyETF DJ EURO STOXX enables investors to take advantage of market rises but also market declines.

With no entry or exit fees, EasyETF DJ EURO STOXX has low management fees (0.35 per cent inc VAT, of total net assets).

Main characteristics : French law FCP (mutual fund) denominated in euros and quoted on the Euronext Paris

Dividend distributions: Unit size: one times the index, ie EUR 311.07 (as of 27/09/2005)

Minimum subscription: 1 unit (approximately one times the index)

Management company: BNP Paribas Asset Management

Custodian: BNP Paribas Securities Services

ISIN Code: FR0010230516

Market makers: BNP Paribas Arbitrage, Merrill Lynch

Changes in the EasyETF Top 50 range
Since 3 October 2005, the management of three trackers in the EasyETF Top 50 range (EasyETF EURO STOXX 50, EasyETF Global Titans 50 and EasyETF STOXX 50 Europe), until then assured by AXA Investment managers, has returned to BNP Paribas Asset Management.
Marking this change, from 11 October, two new units, EasyETF EURO STOXX 50 and EasyETF STOXX 50 Europe trackers, will be quoted on the Euronext Paris NextTrack segment. They will have the following characteristics:  
Management fees: 0.25 per cent (inc VAT)
Unit size: 1/100th of the index
Market makers: BNP Paribas, Exane
Dividend distributions

EasyETF EURO STOXX 50 Europe (B)
Management fees: 0.30 per cent (inc VAT)
Unit size: 1/100th of the index
Market makers: BNP Paribas, Exane
Dividend distributions


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