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Citigroup Investment Deutschland KAG is planning to launch its third hedge fund under the German investment law.

The new GLG Equities Long Short - CI fund will be managed by GLG Partners, one of the largest hedge fund managers in Europe, and as the name suggests will follow long/short equity strategy. It will trade predominantly in European stocks and take advantage of promising trading exposures in other asset classes.

"The addition of a third hedge fund to the Citigroup Investment platform is in response to the growing demand for a German onshore hedge fund solution and illustrates that our decision to found a master KAG focusing on this very young market in Germany was the right one," says Christoph Lampert, CEO of Citigroup Investment Deutschland KAG. "We expect that many other managers from Germany and abroad will access the German market via our master KAG solution."

The new product provides the investor both with the proven legal structure of a fund in compliance with the German investment law, i.e. a clear fee structure, tax transparency and professional risk monitoring, and the expertise and experience of a successful European hedge fund manager.

For information on single manager fund launches, please click here

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