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Panel to discuss Chicago's money management industry in December

A panel of financial experts will showcase Chicago-based experts on equities, fixed income, hedge funds, credit derivatives, commodities, and the job market.

The 32nd meeting of Chicago QWAFAFEW (Quantitative Work Alliance for Applied Finance, Education & Wisdom) will take place on Thursday 1 December to discuss the topic of "Chicago's Money Management Industry."  

The panelists for the meeting will be:

David Hightower, President,The Hightower Report;
Chris Davis, Senior Fund Analyst, Morningstar;
(David Kuenzi, Risk Manager, Glenwood Capital Investments, LLC;
Melissa Van Hees, Director of Risk Management, BRI Partners LLC; and
Kathy Graham, Principal, HQ Search, Inc.

The moderator for the evening will be David Barone of Turning Point Securities and a member of Chicago QWAFAFEW's Steering Committee, with the meeting, which will be hosted by David O'Brochta of UBS, scheduled for 5-7pm on 1 December at UBS, 1 N Wacker Drive, Chicago. Admission is USD 10 with light snacks and drinks provided.

Steering committee members of Chicago QWAFAFEW include:
Sanjay Arya,Morningstar;
Keith Black, IIT;
David Barone, Turning Point Securities;
Adam Cohen, Zacks Investment Research, Inc;
Dr Barry Feldman, Prism Analytics;
Matthew Moran, Chicago Board Options Exchange;
Ranga Nathan, InvestMatrix Inc;
David O'Brochta, UBS:
Hilary Till, Premia Capital Management, LLC; and
Melissa Van Hees, BRI Partners LLC.

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