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SGAM switch within FVAM

The SGAM Global Volatility Fund has replaced the SGAM Volatility Arbitrage Fund within the Fimat Volatility Arbitrage Median (FVAM).

The Index Committee for the Fimat Volatility Arbitrage Median (FVAM) has decided that the SGAM Volatility Arbitrage Fund be removed from the median, and replaced with the SGAM Global Volatility Fund.

The SGAM Global Volatility Fund has the same strategy, portfolio manager, and allocation process as the SGAM Volatility Arbitrage Fund, but targets a higher return and a higher level of risk and volatility. Launched in May 2005, it is a better proxy to the style promoted by FVAM.

The change is effective from September 2005 onwards.

The October 2005 return for the Fimat Volatility Arbitrage Median (FVAM) is -1.16 per cent. This gives a year-to-date return for 2005 of +0.09 per cent.

The constituents of the FVAM are:

1) Estlander & Ronnlund Global Volatility;
2) Lynx Arbitrage Fund;
3) Quadix Volatility Fund;
4) SGAM Global Volatility Fund;
5) Shooter Multi Strategy Fund;
6) Titan Global Volatility Fund;
7) Turtle Fund.

FVAM is a performance measure for the Volatility Arbitrage hedge fund strategy and is an equally weighted portfolio of seven funds where performance is collected from the independent administrators in the funds' base currency and supplied as a percentage (net) return or as Net Asset Value per share.

For more information on volatility arbitrage, please click here

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