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Harcourt Investment Consulting has opened a new office in Geneva staffed by a team headed by the firm's Director of Business Development, Tom Ferrazzo.

Besides the French part of Switzerland, the new office will also be responsible for servicing clients in France, Italy and the Italian part of Switzerland.
'Harcourt's sustained growth, combined with the increasing sophistication of its client base, necessitates on-site presence in core markets,' says Peter Fanconi, Managing Partner and Head of Business Development of Harcourt. 'Geneva, having traditionally been served through local third parties, is a point in case. Effectively, we have now upgraded our presence and are excited about extending increased service levels to our clients.' 

Ferrazzo joined Harcourt in 2004 as director of Business Development after spending eight years in the United States with KPMG LLP and BCI New York, marketing structured finance and financial engineering products to Fortune 500 companies as well as financial institutions.

'The Geneva office reflects Harcourt's commitment to the local market place,' says Philipp Cottier, CEO and Managing Partner of Harcourt. 'We are enthusiastic about this new office and Tom's expanded responsibilities. I am confident that Tom and his team will continue to ensure outstanding service to our clients.'

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