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Matrix secures limited capacity from Winton for Ascension Plan top-up

Matrix has re-opened the Matrix Ascension Plan 2 for up to GBP 10 million of new subscriptions for a limited period between 6 February and 16 March.

Winton has closed its flagship Winton Futures Fund and its associated managed accounts as of 18 January having attracted USD 3.9 billion into the managed futures programme, but has allowed Matrix to raise up to GBP 10 million for the Matrix Ascension Plan 2, which will be invested in the Winton Trading Strategies Fund, part of the Winton managed futures programme.

The Winton Trading Strategies Fund is managed in the same way as the Winton Futures Fund, which since launch in October 1997 has an annualised return of 18.16 per cent, and has increased by 11.2 per cent since Ascension's launch in November 2004.

The Winton Futures Fund trades a portfolio of more that 100 international markets, including but not limited to futures, options and forward contracts and other derivative and financial instruments in commodities, currencies, government bonds, interest rates and equity indices. It is largely non-correlated with traditional investments i.e. equities and bonds, and therefore investment in the Ascension Plan 2 can provide risk diversification to an investment portfolio.

The Ascension Plan 2, which has just under six years until maturity on 31 October 2011, offers monthly liquidity through a market maker, or the comfort of capital protection at maturity, with each share having a guaranteed price of 96p if held to maturity. Other benefits include favourable tax treatment where returns will be subject to capital gains tax (rather than income tax) and can benefit from taper relief, and a low minimum investment level of GBP 5,000.

 'We are delighted to offer private UK investors this unique last chance to include a Winton futures programme product in their portfolios,' says Bridget Guerin, a director of Matrix Group. 'The extraordinary rate at which the Winton Futures Fund attracted new investments from largely institutional investors demonstrates how popular this fund and management team are. The real attraction to the Winton Futures Fund is that it has demonstrated that it can produce excellent returns with a very low correlation to equities and gilts. As part of a private investor's portfolio, the Matrix Ascension Plan 2 can reduce their overall portfolio risk profile while aiming to produce good returns.'

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