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Insch launches systematic trend-following currency program

Swiss-based Insch Capital Management AG is to launch a proprietary in-house systematic trend-following currency program, called Kintillo, in March.

Employing a dynamically adjusting, multi-algorithmic approach, Kintillo trades six major currencies and their fifteen crosses in the spot interbank market.

Fees for Kintillo are set at the industry standard 2 per cent management and 20 per cent of net new profits with a minimum account size of USD 500,000.

'Kintillo seeks high absolute returns commensurate with an acceptable level of risk within an asset class (currencies) that provides unequalled transparency, liquidity and beneficial diversification to any portfolio,' says Insch founder Chris Cruden.

Ranbir Kandola, the co-developer and programmer of Kintillo has been working with Insch since October 2003. In 1994 he earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Honors) with a minor in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, USA, and he also holds an Msc in Mathematical Trading and Finance from London City Business School.

In a separate development, Insch launched a proprietary java-based, on-line Foreign Exchange trading platform named Insch Perfect, on February 2.

With a minimum account size of USD 50,000, the platform provides 1 per cent margin, real-time pricing, WYSIWYG execution and 2 pip spreads on EUR/USD and USD/Yen, and is available in more than a dozen languages.

Kintillo will trade directly into the market through Insch's own trading platform using an API with the entire order generation, execution and back-office functions being fully automated. The benefits of doing so are tight pricing, anonymity of execution and the virtual elimination of human error risk.

Cruden, who founded Insch a year ago, resigned as director of London-based global macro manager Castellan Capital Ltd and Castellan Ltd on 1 February in order to concentrate more fully on the development of the Insch business.

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