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SGAM targets MSA Series at Singapore market

Société Générale Asset Management (SGAM) is offering institutions and qualified investors in Singapore a new alternative to money market funds.

SGAM has developed an innovative opportunity for these investors to enhance the returns on their cash allocation through its MSA Series, managed by SGAM Alternative Investments (SGAM AI).

The MSA Series is an umbrella of four sub-funds that offers a multi-strategy portfolio of investments in both money market funds and hedge funds. Investors can boost their return with hedge funds while controlling risk levels and at the same time enjoy stability through low volatility and daily liquidity provided by money market funds.

Christophe Lalo, the Regional Head of Hedge Funds at SGAM based in Hong Kong, commented: 'We are among the first in the world to offer actual daily liquidity on hedge funds portfolios. Amidst the surge of Asian appetite for this asset class, we believe the MSA Series, with its high transparency and low fees structure, is ideal for first-time investors in hedge funds. '

He continued: 'We have received extremely positive response from investors in Singapore, a testimony to our success in bringing new innovative products that generate good returns while maintaining rigorous standards in managing risk. We expect the MSA Series to build on the success of our investment approach and to continue to generate robust returns within a relatively high security, low volatile framework for investors.'

Domiciled in Luxembourg and recognised in Singapore as restricted schemes, the performance objective of the MSA Series is to outperform the one-month London Interbank Offering Rate (LIBOR) by 1 % for the MSA Series 101 and by 2% for the MSA Series 202. The four sub-funds, which also include the MSA 404 and MSA Premium, are available in Singapore in USD and SGD.

SGAM stated: 'The MSA Series is managed within a controlled and secure investment framework. Each sub-fund can be tailored to suit the different performance targets and investment horizons of individual clients. Underlying funds are selected from the range directly managed by SGAM AI, hence increasing the security and transparency of the fund management process'.

The fund is managed by a team that constantly monitors the results, readjusting the fund on a daily basis according to market conditions. Launched on 5 November 2004, the MSA Series is targeted at institutions such as corporates, insurance companies, pension funds, high net worth investors, private banks, family offices and other cash-rich entities.

It offers a viable platform for investors looking to boost their cash component or for cautious first-time investors in hedge funds. The four sub-funds offer investors different risk-return combinations to match individual investment portfolios.

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