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Primores launches PrimFund Diversified Enhanced fund

Primores has launched the PrimFund Diversified Enhanced Segregated Portfolio providing access on a leveraged basis to its successful PrimFund Diversified portfolio.

The fund, which is not available to US or other restricted investors, was launched 1 June and offers separate USD, EUR and CHF currency-hedged tranches. The fee structure is a 0.5% management fee on equity, plus a 5% performance fee.

PrimFund Diversified is Primores flagship low volatility fund. With a diversification in over 250 hedge funds, the fund realised an annualised return of 10.93% with a low volatility of 2.95%. The superior risk/return characteristics are reflected in the Sharpe Ratio of 1.89 and the Calmar Ratio of 9.5%. Given the low risk profile of PrimFund Diversified, the fund is very well suited for a leveraged product. PrimFund Diversified Enhanced started investing on a 1 times leveraged basis.

'PrimFund Diversified realised risk adjusted returns which are superior to industry averages,' says Remo Kraenzlin, Managing Partner of Primores AG. 'The broad diversification, as well as our approach, have been important bricks to achieve these results. The performance of the fund was very stable and we are confident that we will be able to reward our investors with exceptional risk adjusted performance. We feel that our approach and the fund is well suited for moderate level of leverage.'
Armin Vogel, Managing Partner of Primores AG, adds: 'Over the years our investors have often enquired about the opportunity of investing in a leveraged version of PrimFund Diversified. With the launched PrimFund Diversified Enhanced we are confident that we will be providing a superior product in the universe of leveraged investing.'

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