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The FTSE has lived up to its billing this morning and as we write is up some 50 points

However there has been no real  "follow through" in terms of volumes traded in stocks with all the good news this morning.

For us to completely believe in this rally we would like to see rises that have conviction, this is best demonstrated by decent volumes .

That said we are cleanly above the 5900 level and have filled the gap in the chart that was left when the market sold off in May . 

We believe that the support on the FTSE is the 50% fib retarcement level of the May - June decline at 5846, that was also the low of yesterday. Yesterdays intraday high of 5878.7 is 1st support, whilst above that level we believe that the potential upside is 5957 the June resistance line projection.

Main features this morning have been Rolls Royce  who reported excellent numbers this morning and whose servicing division is going great guns they are up nearly 25p as we type.

On the flip side music group EMI  have been marked sharply lower on news that  it is not going to proceed with a bid for Warner Music Group  ,although to us, this mark down smacks of " shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted" given the EU ruling on the merger rivals Sony & Bertelsman.

Looking at yeserdays signals DSGI have stayed above resistance at 195.75p closing at 196p last night and this morning trading up to 198p  albeit on modest volume.

In todays  signals Standard Chartered catches our  eye the area around 1360p has been  resistance of late &  just above we find the  downtrend line  from the end of March 06- There is not much above here  until  1400p  beyond this 1480p looms large. we have seen reasonable volume here in last few days  and would look for a close above 1360 on good volume  befpore taking the plunge.

As we write it seems our "peak key day reversal" signal has worked well today in Glaxo with the stock currently trading down 17.5p after trading as high as 1515p,potential downside target would be around the 1450p level.

Our High conviction buy in Reuters had gone to plan and whilst our target was 410p is does not hurt to take some profits around the 395p to 400p levels and instigate a trailing stop philosophy.

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New Signals
UK P&F Breakouts: 26 Jul 2006

Code Name Signal Signal
Stoploss Latest
888 888 Holdings PLC Bull 162.00 200.00 140.00 161.00
AVZ Amvescap PLC Bull 495.00 560.00 455.00 501.75
AU/ Autonomy Corp PLC Bull 425.00 480.00 390.00 415.00
BFD Benfield Group Ltd Bull 365.00 400.00 340.00 360.00
MRW Morrison (WM) Supermarkets Bull 205.00 215.00 192.00 204.00
RTR Reuters Group PLC Bull 390.00 485.00 345.00 396.75
SDY Speedy Hire PLC Bull 910.00 1040.00 830.00 908.00
STAN Standard Chartered PLC Bull 1360.00 1620.00 1200.00 1355.00

P&F breakouts identify medium-term trend changes. "Bull" breakouts occur when a stock reverses its downtrend by posting a "higher high". "Bear" breakouts are the inverse.
We scan a "universe" of the FTSE 350 on a daily basis to identify these formations.
Key Day Reversals: 26 Jul 2006

Code Name Signal Latest
Close % Change Volume
BKG Berkeley Group PLC Peak 1223.00 -38.00 +293,725
GSK GlaxoSmithKline PLC Peak 1507.00 -23.00 +39.8m
PAY Paypoint Bounce 583.50 +10.50 +218,070

Key day reversals are technical signals formed by stocks posting an "outside day" of a higher high and a higher low. Sells occur on countertrend reversals from a bullish trend and buys occur on countertrend reversals from bearish trends. Signals are particularly powerful when occurring after a period of overextension.
MA Crossovers: 26 Jul 2006

Code Name Signal Latest
Close % Change Volume
BBY Balfour Beatty PLC Golden 354.50 +1.75 +1.6m
CNA Centrica PLC Golden 292.50 +6.50 +33.1m
NRK Northern Rock PLC Golden 1128.00 +81.50 +14.7m
PLI Perpetual Income & Growth Investment Trust Golden 230.50 +1.75 +74,721
RSA Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group Golden 134.25 +1.00 +13.0m
SRP Serco Group PLC Golden 321.50 -4.25 +1.2m
HTG Hunting Plc Dead 372.00 +3.50 +486,688

Moving Average (MA) crossovers identify longer-term changes of trend. We scan for "Golden" (bullish) and "Dead" (bearish) signals occurring when an instrument's 20-day MA crosses its 50-day MA.
Volume Advances

Code Name Price % Change Volume Vol/Vol MA
ABG Abbot Group PLC 271 +1.2% 12.3m 6.7x
CCC Computacenter PLC 230 -7.5% 2.4m 5.9x
CAL Capital & Regional PLC 1038 -0.9% 1.2m 5.1x
LNGO Laing (John) PLC 286.25 +1.7% 4.2m 5.0x
BI/ Brambles Industries PLC 434 +0.1% 24.0m 4.4x

Volume Advances scans for stocks exhibiting volumes over their 20-day moving average.
Index Summary

Index Close Volume 1 day Change P&F Trend Stop
FTSE 100 5877.1 1,720.2m +25.90 +0.4% Bull  30 Jun 2006 5650.00
FTSE 250 9285.6 626.0m +37.10 +0.4% Bear  18 Jul 2006 9550.00
Closing prices through Wed Jul 26, 2006

Data drawn from market close. Technical trend, date of initiation and stop based on 3-box Point & Figure chart methodology.
Market Breadth

Index % Bulls % 30wk
FTSE 100 64.71% +3.93 Bull Confirmed 26-Jul-06 71.57% +2.94 Bull Confirmed 19-Jul-06
FTSE 250 58.80% +1.60 Bull Confirmed 26-Jul-06 51.20% +3.60 Bull Confirmed 24-Jul-06

Investors Intelligence breadth statistics are based on the P&F "bullish%" and determines the degree of participation of the underlying stocks for any given index move.
Industry Breadth

Industry % Bulls Change Status Sig. date
Energy 54.17% n/c Bull Confirmed 3-Jul-06
Basic Materials 42.50% +7.50 Bear Correction 26-Jul-06
Industrials 55.91% +1.58 Bull Correction 17-Jul-06
Consumer Cyclical 50.00% +2.56 Bull Confirmed 26-Jul-06
Services 57.94% +0.80 Bull Confirmed 26-Jun-06
Staples 59.18% +2.04 Bull Confirmed 5-Jul-06
Health 42.55% n/c Bull Confirmed 5-Jul-06
Technology 35.37% +1.22 Bull Correction 14-Jul-06
Telecom 41.18% n/c Bull Correction 7-Jul-06
Financials 60.39% +1.95 Bull Correction 13-Jul-06
Utilities 93.75% n/c Bull Confirmed 7-Jul-06

Investors Intelligence breadth statistics are based on the P&F "bullish%" and determines the degree of participation of the underlying stocks in any industry group move. Industry Group bullish% provides an important measure of medium-term overbought/oversold conditions and a guide to sector rotation.
Top 5 Gains.

Code Name Price % Change Volume
888 888 Holdings PLC 161 +8.4% 1.5m
NRK Northern Rock PLC 1128 +7.8% 14.7m
SSL SSL International PLC 294.25 +5.8% 1.3m
WLW Woolworths Group PLC 32.5 +5.7% 15.4m
COLT Colt Telecom Group SA 127.75 +5.6% 1.5m

Top 5 Losses.

Code Name Price % Change Volume
CCC Computacenter PLC 230 -7.5% 2.4m
IAP ICAP PLC 465.25 -3.4% 2.8m
BKG Berkeley Group PLC 1223 -3.0% 293,725
SEG SCi Entertainment Group 422 -2.8% 647,795
HLMA Halma PLC 189.5 -2.6% 5.2m
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