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Delman SA, a Geneva-based company specialising in the creation and the delegation of managed funds, has launched the DM Swiss Equity Asymmetric Fund, which uses a 100/30 structure.

The fund, managed under Swiss law and classified 'Fonds Traditionnel' by the Swiss 'Commission Fédérale des Banques' provides investors with dynamic exposure of the Swiss equity market via a 100/30 structure.

The fund maintains a strategic market exposure of 70% (100% long and 30% short) dynamically adapted dependent upon market conditions. The fund aims to provide investors with an asymmetrical return profile benefiting from bullish market moves while also allowing for protection of the portfolio in the event of market weakness.

Management of the fund has been delegated to Mirabaud & Co,the private bank, which specialises in the management of Swiss equities. Monitoring of the fund's investment parameters has been entrusted to DE Planification SA in Neuchâtel.

The fund aims to deliver an average performance of 8% pa over a 5-year period whilst assuming a lower risk profile than that of the index.

The fund is designed to appeal to private and institutional investors who are seeking to benefit from the markets upside potential without necessarily assuming all of the risk.

The fund was launched on Friday 30 November 2007.

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