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GAM introduces GAM Multi-Systematic Trading

GAM, the active investment manager, has announced that GAM Multi-Systematic Trading is now available as a public fund.

GAM Multi-Systematic Trading is a fund of hedge funds that gives investors access to a limited number of the world's leading trend and non-trend managers. It is designed to provide investors with an attractive risk/return profile and low correlations to traditional investments.

The fund is co-managed by David Smith and Arvin Soh using rigorous and structured analysis of hedge funds in order to identify those trend and non-trend managers with a strong competitive edge. The portfolio is constructed using a disciplined investment process that is a blend of sophisticated quantitative modelling and qualitative judgement with the investment objective of delivering long-term capital appreciation with diversification of risk.

GAM Multi-Systematic Trading typically invests in between five and eight leading trend and non-trend managers and this blend aims to assist in smoothing the pattern of returns and dampen volatility as each manager has a different trading emphasis.

David Smith, Chief Investment Director of Multi-Manager at GAM, says, "Trend and non-trend managers operate differently, providing different sources of performance and complimenting each other during different market conditions. The flexibility to combine elements and vary market exposures means that trading funds typically display low or zero correlation to traditional asset classes."

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