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Marathon Asset Management expands partnership

Alternative investment manager Marathon Asset Management has announced the appointment of five additional partners.

They are: Andrew Rabinowitz, chief operating officer, Richard Ronzetti, global investment management and head of research, Jon Halpern, head of real estate, Steve Kim, chief investment officer for Asia, and Adam Phillips, chief investment officer for Europe.

Marathon was founded by Bruce Richards and Louis Hanover in January 1998 as an alternative asset manager focused on global credit investment opportunities.

'The expansion of the partnership is based upon each partner's contribution,' says president and chief executive Richards. 'Richard, Jon, Steve, Adam and Andrew have proven to be invaluable by demonstrating leadership, commitment and making contributions that certainly merits their ownership stake and inclusion into the partnership.'

In January 2007, Marathon formed an executive committee of the firm which includes several other leaders at the firm in addition to the partners.

Rabinowitz says: 'Investors, counterparts and employees benefit from cohesive and aligned leaders who are focused on and rewarded by the long-term successful performance of our funds and our firm.'

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