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Silk Invest, a specialist asset management firm that recently launched equity funds investing in the Middle East and Africa, has hired John Bates to spearhead its move into frontier fixed income.

Bates, formerly head of credit research for Africa at Renaissance Capital, has extensive experience in fixed income markets. Earlier he was a senior emerging market credit analyst at ABN Amro in London and West LB.

Silk Invest chief investment officer Daniel Broby, a former colleague at Renaissance, says: 'John is truly one of the few people who not only know the universe inside out but he is also of the few able to capitalise on that knowledge to obtain equity like returns in the frontier fixed income space.'

Zin Bekkali, chief executive of Silk Invest, adds: 'We will offer a liquid Frontier Market Fixed Income product, hopefully in the next six months. Although largely focused on Sovereigns, there will be a corporate element that will represent up to 20 per cent of the portfolio.'

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