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Hedge Fund Research has launched six HFRX indices focused on specific exposures within the commodity, energy, and yield alternative sectors.

The new indices are: HFRX Commodity: Agricultural Index; HFRX Commodity: Energy Index; HFRX Commodity: Metals Index; HFRX Alternative Energy Index; HFRX Energy Infrastructure Index; and HFRX Real Estate Index.
HFR uses a Ucits III compliant methodology to construct its HFRX indices. The methodology is based on defined and predetermined rules and objective criteria to select and rebalance components to maximize representation of the hedge fund universe.

HFRX indices employ quantitative techniques and analysis, multi-level screening, cluster analysis, Monte-Carlo simulations and optimization techniques to ensure that each index is a pure representation of its corresponding investment focus.

“The hedge fund industry experienced a record level of fund performance dispersion in 2008, underscoring the heterogeneous nature of industry exposures, particularly in nuanced areas of focus, specifically energy, commodity and real estate,” says Kenneth J. Heinz, president of Hedge Fund Research. “While hedge fund managers have historically maintained consistent exposures to the energy and commodity markets, our new indices reflect that funds are employing precise and sophisticated strategies in these markets.”

With the addition of these six indices, the HFRX family now includes 71 indexes across four main strategies and 30 sub-strategies.

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