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Navatar Group is offering two for one promotion pricing for its buy side and sell side cloud computing solutions running on the platform.

The pricing includes both the Navatar service and the underlying seats.

"Financial firms need a better way to manage their operations now more than ever but are crunched for cash," says Alok Misra, Navatar principal and co-founder. "Now, thanks to our promotion, twice as many professionals at these firms can use our service, running on, the leading cloud computing platform."

The promotional first year pricing applies to new customers for Navatar Group's financial services CRM and operations solutions for private equity, mutual funds, hedge funds, capital markets mergers and acquisitions, and placement agents, natively built and running entirely on the platform as a service.

The Navatar financial services solutions run on most editions of's service. Its special pricing bundle includes the underlying subscriptions from that allow these solutions to run without additional technology costs. There is no other software, hardware or subscription needed.

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