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Bandon in relationship with American Independent Securities Group

Bandon in relationship with American Independent Securities Group

Investment management company Bandon Capital Management has formed a relationship with American Independent Securities Group, an independent broker dealer and registered investment adviser. 

The relationship enables AISG advisers to make Bandon’s flagship investment strategy, the Directional Interest Rate Strategy, available to clients as a separately managed account featuring daily liquidity with minimum investments of USD25,000.

The strategy, available to both accredited and non-accredited investors, was created by a former New York Federal Reserve economist and seeks to provide investors with absolute returns, uncorrelated with the equity and fixed income markets, by investing in the US Treasury Market through ETFs or mutual funds.

Diana Burrell, president of AISG, says: “We‘re incredibly excited about the new relationship with Bandon and the opportunity for our clients to have access to liquid, non-correlated, absolute return strategies. We believe investors make money in the long term by constructing portfolios with high compound annual returns, low volatility and low probability of large draw downs - Bandon qualifies on all accounts”.

Bill Woodruff, founder and managing principal of Bandon, adds: “We’re delighted with the opportunity to be associated with a progressive, philosophically compatible firm like AISG and look forward to a long and strong relationship.”

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