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Edelgard Beister, director of Vega Asset Management Holdings, has reported improvement across all Vega’s funds in February 2010.

The net returns for February 2010 are as follows: Vega Global: 1.14 per cent (year to date: 2.95 per cent); Vega Select Opportunities A Class: 0.78 per cent (year to date: 10.87 per cent );  A1 Class: 0.63 per cent (year to sate: 9.13 per cent); Vega Feeder Fund 2X Class (providing 2X leveraged investment into Vega Global): 2.23 per cent (year to date: 5.85 per cent); Vega Credit Opportunities: 3.45 per cent (year to date: 6.78 per cent).
In a note sent by the company to investors this week, Beister says: “The current macro-economic environment is still offering us the opportunities we expected to enable us to continue to attain healthy returns. We still feel that we are in the ideal position to take advantage of any opportunities that may arise with the evolution of the market throughout 2010.”

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