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HazelTree Fund Services, a New York-based provider of middle and back office technology solutions for hedge funds and investment companies, has launched the Operations Portal and Treasury Suite.

“Increased regulatory and investor scrutiny require system enhancements for many funds,” says Matthew Johnson (pictured), chief technology officer, HazelTree Fund Services. “We are leveraging live, in-production technology to build the next-generation platform for hedge funds delivering an unprecedented value proposition.”

The products aim to increase operational efficiency, minimise errors and reduce operational risk, achieve significant cost savings and enhance portfolio returns.

They have been in production and operational for more than three years, but are now available to the broader hedge fund marketplace.

HazelTree Operations Portal features operations workflow tools, sophisticated reconciliation engine, security master and corporate actions processing, pro-active alert mechanism, highly configurable dashboards and complete standard and custom reporting.

HazelTree Treasury Suite includes stock borrow toolset, stock loan optimisation, cash and margin balance analysis, FX and currency exposure management, and counterparty exposure analysis.

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