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Kirill Ilinski, founding partner of Fusion Asset Management

Fusion Asset Management adds Carne independent director to board

Fusion Asset Management has appointed Peter Heaps, managing director of Carne Global Cayman Islands, as an independent director to its board of directors of Fusion Volatility Funds.

Fusion Asset Management has managed the Fusion Volatility Fund since 2008.

The firm’s flagship products are a long volatility and a global volatility product, a multi-asset long optionality strategy, a Libor + range of products, and a quantitative systematic G10 currency cash product.

Heaps is a member of Carne’s directorship panel, which was launched in November 2007 and supplies experienced independent directors to investment funds domiciled in the Cayman Islands, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Dubai.
Kirill Ilinski (pictured), founding partner of Fusion Asset Management, says: “We selected Carne Global on the basis of their leadership position in advising the asset management industry on best practices in corporate governance. We welcome Peter to the board and look forward to receiving his input in the future. Along with achieving outperformance, we regard high quality, transparent corporate governance as a differentiator for our funds from our competitors.”
Heaps adds: “I am very pleased to begin our relationship with Fusion Asset Management. Corporate governance has moved higher up investors’ list of priorities when they look for investment opportunities in today’s business environment. Carne prides itself on offering its clients directors with experience, proven competence and foresight to enable our clients to best serve their investors.”

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