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Quintillion, an independent hedge fund administration firm, has released an enhanced version of its proprietary reconciliation suite, Q Match, incorporating automated open trade equity reconciliation modules for the commodity trading advisers sector.

Q Match provides a fully automated platform for daily reconciliation of positions, profit and loss data, cash and unrealised gains and losses between Quintillion and numerous portfolio management systems and prime brokers.

The automated cash and open trade equity reconciliation modules ensure efficient interfaces between clearing brokers and counterparties to Quintillion’s fund accounting records on Advent Geneva. 

The open trade equity reconciliation module enables high volume trading CTA clients, and similar funds, an automated and efficient reconciliation of the marked to market value of open commodity futures positions to clearing brokers. It also negates the process of adjusting time stamps on trades to match Geneva to the broker.

The associated cash reconciliation tool ensures all cash accounts in each currency are reconciled automatically with data files provided by the various brokers. This eliminates the need for spreadsheets and their associated risks.

Q Match has been fully integrated with Q Control, Quintillion’s dashboard.

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