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Salus Alpha RN Special Situations approved for public distribution in Germany

Salus Alpha’s latest product, Salus Alpha RN Special Situations, is registered for public distribution in Germany.

Since the launch on 22 March the fund raised USD25m from new investors.

The fund was up 3.14 per cent after its first month and has a year-to-date performance of 2.85 per cent.

The fund exploits opportunities in special situations, such as merger and acquisitions opportunities, changes in capital structure, management changes, share buy backs, director's dealings, IPOs or capital increases, index changes or profit surprises.

The fund has invested in shares of Eco Business on the expectation that the price will be improved due to the offer from Conwert.

“The offer is fair and a good deal for all, particularly considering that most Real Estate shares are trading at 50 per cent discount to NAV,” says Roland Neuwirth, Salus Alpha RN Special Situation’s manager.

Salus Alpha RN Special Situations is deliberately geared to no benchmark and tries to attain a performance of ten to 15 per cent per annum and a Shape Ratio of over one. The fund is Ucits III compliant and daily liquid.

Salus Alpha RN Special Situations is listed on different fund platforms in Germany and Austria. Among others it can be found on Augsburger Aktienbank, Metzler Fund Xchange, Frankfurter Fondsbank, Fonds Depotbank, Cortal Consors, DAB, Moventum, Capital Bank and

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