On 8 November 2010 the Austrian Government is auctioning 200,000 EU allowances through Climex.

This is the fourth auction in a row and the second auction this year that Climex and the ÖEKV are coordinating on behalf of the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.

This autumn Climex is also holding two allocation auctions on behalf of the Dutch Government on 14 October and 18 November 2010. All auctions will begin at 10am CET.

The fourth Austrian auction consists of a competitive auction only, with a volume of 200,000 EUAs, and is held in the same format as the auctions of Phase III of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme from 2013 onwards: single round, sealed bid and uniform clearing price.

Participation in all government auctions will be free of charge.

During Phase II of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (2008-2012) the Austrian government is allocating an annual average of about 30.33 million free emission allowances to installations in Austria participating in the EU ETS. According to the Austrian Allocation Plan and corresponding ordinance a total of two million EUAs – about 1.3 per cent of the total allowances - will be auctioned over the five year period.

The Austrian auction is open to all parties with a holding account connected to the Community Independent Transaction Log. Companies interested in participating in the auction need to be a member of Climex and need to fully collateralise their bids.

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