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Martin Estlander, chief executive of Estlander & Partners

Estlander & Partners launches Ucits III fund

Estlander & Partners has launched the Ucits III compliant Estlander & Partners Freedom Fund UI.

The German domiciled fund is a Ucits III compliant version of the non-Ucits Estlander & Partners Freedom fund.

The fund realises a combination of the company’s managed futures strategies Global XL and Alpha Trend.
The fund uses a total return swap that is provided by Newedge Group's Ucits III compliant platform and participates in the performance of the Estlander & Partners Global Systematic Index.
The strategies have the freedom to allocate risk exposure to four asset classes: equity indices, interest rates, currencies and commodity indices. They rely on proprietary methodologies for the quantitative analysis of market prices and fundamental information.
Investors in the Ucits III fund can benefit from daily liquidity. The fund will initially be distributed in the German market, other European countries will follow.

Universal-Investment will be acting in the capacity of investment company and administrator to the fund, while Newedge will provide the brokerage service off its Ucits III compliant platform.
Martin Estlander, chief executive of Estlander & Partners, says: “Our mission is to help investors reach greater investment success by offering a fund which truly diversifies a portfolio of risky assets, such as equities, bonds or hedge funds. This is particularly important in times when investors have few places to hide when global correlations peak when they are needed to be low. Providing investors access to our strategy through a Ucits III compliant format with top partners offers investors liquidity and the security of a highly regulated fund without compromising performance potential, as the chosen structure puts no constraints on efficient portfolio management and positioning will be identical to our non-ucits fund.”
Bernd Vorbeck, Universal-Investments’ spokesman of the management board, says: “The Estlander & Partners Freedom Fund UI is a great enrichment for UI-Newcits, Universal-Investments’ platform for the new funds generation of so called Newcits funds.”

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