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Implementation of new ISE options trading system scheduled for April 2011

The International Securities Exchange has released an updated schedule for the launch of its new options trading system, based on Deutsche Börse Group's Optimise trading architecture.

The roll-out of Optimise at ISE will begin in April 2011 and continue into July as both ISE's primary and second markets migrate to the new platform.

Based on input from ISE member firms, ISE completely revised the Optimise implementation timetable and will now provide greater system functionality from day one of the Optimise launch.

Daniel Friel, ISE's chief information officer, says: “In developing our new trading system built on the Optimise platform, we have drawn upon the vast experience and expertise in electronic trading that span our cross-Atlantic technology teams. The result is an innovative new trading system that will be an industry leader with regard to latency and performance, and will position ISE for another decade at the forefront of the highly competitive US options industry.”

With Optimise, Deutsche Börse Group has also introduced its new global trading architecture. Optimise will serve as the common technology backbone that is going to be used across all Deutsche Börse Group exchanges.

“We are very excited to formally introduce the Optimise architecture to the market and to provide ISE's customers with additional details regarding the implementation timeline. As its name implies, Optimise will be a world leading technology solution that demonstrates the key features that are critical to competing successfully in the exchange sector,” says Michael Kuhn, member of the Deutsche Börse executive board and chief executive of Deutsche Börse Systems.

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