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SGGG Portfolio Systems, a provider of technology to small and mid-sized hedge funds, has built the first appliance specifically for hedge fund managers.

The appliance combines hardware, operating system and SGGG's proprietary hedge fund software in a single pre-installed and pre-configured box.

When connected to a hedge fund's network, the system provides real-time portfolio management and trade order management.

Hedge funds use the system for the entire trading and portfolio management process - to send trade orders to dealers, keep track of trades and portfolios and interface with their custodians.

The appliance has pre-configured connections to numerous electronic trading systems and prime brokers. It combines the benefits of the SGGG online service with the improved response and interaction of a desktop application.

Dan Rissin, chief executive of SGGG Portfolio Systems, says: "The appliance model enabled us to create a highly cost effective solution which can be targeted at funds that have traditionally been unable to afford or support high-end portfolio management software. The system does not require customization because it has been designed to be easily configured for each client's needs."

Mark Tredgett, managing partner at hedge fund Vantage Asset Management, adds: "The team at SGGG installed our portfolio management system quickly and efficiently, and ensured it was integrated with our prime brokerage and electronic trading systems. This was a critical step for our firm because the system has fully automated our business processes. As a result we can view every position in the portfolio in real time throughout the day."

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