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Damien Miller, global head of special situations, Alcentra

Alcentra – Best Distressed Securities Manager

Alcentra focuses its investment strategies on sub-investment grade debt capital markets of Europe and North America. It includes both Alcentra Ltd., operating out of London, and Alcentra NY, LLC operating out of New York City; only Alcentra NY offers services in the US.

Established in March 2002, Alcentra became a subsidiary of BNY Mellon in 2006. Alcentra Ltd. and Alcentra NY, are subsidiaries of BNY Alcentra Group Holdings, Inc. As of December 31, 2010, Bank of New York Mellon Corporation owned 94 per cent of BNY Alcentra Group Holdings and the management and employees of Alcentra owned the remaining six per cent.

Currently managing approximately USD16.4bn of assets through approximately 43 private funds and managed accounts, Alcentra’s team of 57 investment professionals operates out of London and New York. Alcentra’s overarching investment strategy is twofold, combining extensive fundamental research and credit analysis with active portfolio management to determine the best credit instruments in which to invest on behalf of its private fund and institutional clients.

London-based Damien Miller (pictured), who joined Alcentra in July 2007, is global head of special situations. With a team of five investment professionals in London and New York, Miller assumes full responsibility for portfolio management and trading of all distressed, high yield debt and equity investments on behalf of its institutional and private fund clients seeking exposure to special situations.

The Alcentra Special Situations team aims to generate strong returns by investing directly or indirectly in distressed debt opportunities across the capital structure of companies in Europe and North America. Client portfolios may vary but typically comprise a mixture of loans, equity and both secured and unsecured bonds. Fundamental views are expressed by being long or short in these asset classes. The strategy does not apply external leverage.

Strategically, Miller places greater emphasis on debt, allocating between five classes of distressed investment: fundamental value, control investments, private/illiquid investments, event-driven investments and capital structure arbitrage. In addition to the dedicated resources of his team, Miller can call upon Alcentra’s 22 sector specialist analysts when managing the portfolio as well as senior leaders at Alcentra, which brings an average of over 11 years’ distressed experience to the table.

According to Miller, the range of market opportunities last year was fairly broad. “A large amount of liquidity in the system opened up the capital markets, and we saw the bond market resurrect itself in Lazarus-like proportions,” he says, adding that a decent portion of performance was based on leveraged loan positions in the event-driven space.

“We believe we’re going to be in for a long cycle of deleveraging following the bursting of the credit bubble. What makes this cycle so exciting is that large-scale government central bank intervention, in our opinion, is distorting the deleveraging effort, so we expect to see periods of volatility. That should create opportunities for us to purchase assets in the stressed and distressed space.” Europe will be an area of key focus for the Alcentra Special Situations team, according to Miller, because its multi-jurisdictional nature adds to the potential for assets to be mispriced.

Before joining the firm, Miller was based in New York where he worked as a director, portfolio manager and trader for Barclays Capital’s special situations group between 2002 and 2006, managing a proprietary fund that at its peak reached USD1bn.

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