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IndexIQ's broadest hedge fund index out performs S&P 500 in August

Early estimates for the very volatile month of August show broad hedge fund industry performance somewhere in the –3 to –5% range, while the IQ Hedge Composite Beta Index, IndexIQ’s broadest hedge fund replication index, finished August down –1.10%.


The IQ Hedge family, the first family of investable benchmark indexes covering hedge fund replication/alternative beta strategies, also outperformed the S&P 500 during August, and with much lower volatility.

August performance figures are -

Global Macro Beta Index +3.98 %
Long/Short Beta Index -3.63 %
Event-Driven Beta Index -0.05 %
Market Neutral Beta Index -1.21 %
Emerging Markets Beta Index -3.57 %
Fixed Income Arbitrage Beta Index -2.14 %
Composite Beta Index – IQHGCOB -1.10 %

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