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Finland’s Northern Star introduces brace of multi-asset UCITS

Helsinki-based Northern Star announced on its website this week the launch of two UCITS-compliant multi-asset funds. Global Dynamic Opportunities 10+ fund invests in global bonds, equities and commodities whilst the Enhanced Fixed Income 5+ fund, as its name implies, will use a dynamic, flexible approach to invest in fixed income assets. “These funds are designed to meet a growing demand for low volatility asset allocation strategies that focus on attractive return expectation and provide capital preservation over the business cycle”, said CEO Tomi Långström. Markku Malkamäki heads up the multi-asset team. Prior to joining Northern Star Malkamäki served as CEO for a private bank where he managed multi-asset strategies, one of which, the ‘Target model 10+’ portfolio, returned annualised returns of 12.6 per cent over a six-year period. Malkamäki said that whilst multi-asset funds had traditionally been commonplace in private wealth management, “we see increasing institutional interest towards dynamic asset allocation. Our multi-asset funds allow clients to tap into our asset-allocation framework along with the funds delivering good volatility adjusted returns and/or offering capital protection.” The Global Dynamic Opportunities 10+ fund will have a strategic tilt towards emerging markets debt and equity.  

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