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Laurent Useldinger, CEO of Ullink

ULLINK releases update of UL BRIDGE 4

ULLINK, a provider of connectivity and trading solutions for the global financial community, has released the latest and fastest version of its flagship product, UL BRIDGE 4.

UL BRIDGE 4 doubled the latency reduction from its predecessor while increasing message throughput and approaching hardware based technologies performances. All business processes available on UL BRIDGE will take advantage of these enhancements, including but not limited to the library of 70 market gateways, the library of 500 adaptors to the trading systems of the world, the pre trade risk applications (UL IRIS), the smart order router (UL SMART) and the algorithms (UL EDMA).
"Our clients are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage, and therefore finding new ways to optimise our platform processes is key to providing the most efficient, trading system in terms of latency, throughput and scalability for them," says Laurent Useldinger (pictured), CEO of Ullink. "All our managed software and managed services clients are natively going to be migrated to this new technology in the months to come."

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