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Carbon emissions

First German “early auction” generates EUR7.54 per EUA, says EEX

The European Energy Exchange (EEX) has concluded the first primary market auction of EU emission allowances (EUA) for the third trading period on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany.

As planned, a volume of three million EUA was auctioned on the Spot Market at 11:00am. The price in the auction was established at EUR7.54 per EUA. The total amount of bids was 23,016,500 EUA. Thus, participants demanded more than seven times the auction volume.

“Today, we are entering a new stage in our development as a market platform for CO2 emission allowances. We are pleased about the high interest which the trading participants showed in the first German Early Auction in which 15 companies participated. With this number, we have reached a new record,” says Peter Reitz, chief executive officer of EEX.

Starting today, the early auctions of EU emission allowances will be held on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany on every Friday until the end of the year. On 31 October 2012, EEX will carry out auctions of EU aviation allowances (EUAA for 2012) on its Spot Market for the first time.

On 29 October 2012, EEX will also launch spot trading on the secondary market for the EU emission allowances of the third trading phase.

Together, EEX and Eurex offer their participants a platform for trading in CO2 Emission Allowances. In the framework of this cooperation, which was launched in December 2007, Eurex participants can trade the CO2 emission products listed on EEX and take part in auctions through their existing infrastructure and a simplified admission process.

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