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DJ Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index down 0.18 per cent in October

Hedge funds, as measured by the Dow Jones Credit Suisse Hedge Fund Index, finished October down 0.18 per cent, with five out of 10 strategies in positive territory.

In total, the industry saw estimated inflows of approximately USD3.9bn in October, bringing overall assets under management for the industry to approximately USD1.75trn.

The global macro and fixed income arbitrage sectors experienced the largest asset inflows on a percentage basis, with inflows in October equal to 1.63 per cent and 0.78 per cent of the September 2012 levels, respectively.

Event driven funds generated positive performance in October, with contributors from diversified long positions to credit strategies, and returns from special situation equities, while risk arbitrage holdings were somewhat mixed to slightly negative.

Long/short equity funds finished October in negative territory, though equity markets started the month positively. Positively contributing to performance was short technology exposure, as well as net long exposure to financials and large cap banks.

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