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Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance publishes Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet

The Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance has published the Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet providing a comprehensive primer on the basics of hedge funds as well as tips for the more sophisticated investor.

The Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet includes a beginner’s guide to commonly used hedge fund terms, explains the benefits and costs associated with investing in them, discusses the differences between hedge funds and mutual funds, reviews the legalities and structure of hedge funds, and defines 12 common hedge fund investment strategies.
For more sophisticated investors, the Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet offers reasons why investing in a hedge fund can make sense in an overall portfolio context, clarifies transparency, gives tips to lessen the high cost of due diligence by investing in a hedge fund of funds, and talks about the potential for hedge fund indices.
“The Hedge Fund Cheat Sheet is a quick reference tool that can move you up the learning curve, fast,” says David Kochanek, publisher of HedgeFundMarketing. “This document works well both in the classroom and in quickly educating people on the basics of hedge funds.”

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