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Howard Revens, UK managing director, Drooms

Drooms advises on AIFMD requirements ahead of 22 July deadline

Drooms’ UK managing director Howard Revens is to present on the impact to fund managers on AIFMD’s wide ranging and complex reporting requirements at Knight Frank’s 2013 AIFMD: Practical Implications Breakfast Briefing. 

Taking place on 18 June 2013, Drooms will present alongside Knight Frank to prepare fund managers ahead of the July deadline and offer solutions on how best to implement these guidelines.
In a bid for increased transparency, AIFMD requires fund managers to comply with new mandatory requirements relating to regulatory capital structuring, legal, data handling and property valuation. As a result, many fund managers have been left unsure of the requirements needed to adhere to the new regulatory framework. For those achieving compliance, barriers to cross-border fund marketing within the EU will be removed and non-compliance is not an option.
“With the impending deadline of AIFMD, fund managers are challenged with complex transparency and risk management pressures, and must meet the necessary documentation requirements of AIFMD to receive their ‘passport’ for cross-border business,” says Revens (pictured). “The importance of organising documents of an asset may be considered an obvious obligation, but the necessity is often underestimated and overlooked. As a result, the concerns of what may be needed and how it should be organised must be confronted.”
Responding to the increased reporting obligations under AIFMD, Drooms launched AIFMD/command in March 2013 to help fund managers with limited resources comply with the incoming requirements. The solution helps managers centrally store and manage documentation for reporting to the key stakeholders, regulators, investors and depositories and allows owners of complex fixed assets to be transaction ready at any time.

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