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Alter Domus, a provider of Corporate and Fund Services to private equity houses, real estate firms, multinationals and private clients, has moved to a new Corporate Governance structure that is more in line with its operating model and future challenges.

The Alter Domus Group Management Responsibilities have now been divided between a Board of Directors and a Group Executive Committee and also two further sub-committees, the Audit & Risk Committee and the HR Committee.

There will now be a clear segregation between the setting out of the strategic direction, which will be at the Board level and the implementation of that strategy which is delegated to the new CEO and Group Executive Committee.

Dominique Robyns heads up Alter Domus as Chairman of the board and Laurent Vanderweyen formally CEO of Alter Domus Luxembourg has been appointed as the new CEO of the Alter Domus group and leads the Group Executive Committee.

“Today we celebrate the tenth anniversary of Alter Domus and announcing the reinforcement of our governance will allow us to better face our future challenges. We are looking forward to working under the new corporate governance model and we are convinced this will help us to underpin our long-term company performance. With the energy and commitment of our employees as well as the support of the Management team, we are confident that Alter Domus will continue to deliver an exceptional client experience,” says Chairman Dominique Robyns.

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