Jad Comair, founder and chief investment officer, Melanion Capital

Melanion Capital formally recognised as an innovative startup (JEI) by French Ministry of R&D

Mon, 29/07/2013 - 13:37

Just weeks after being given the green light by French markets regulator AMF (Autorité des Marchés Financiers) to become the first alternative manager to specialise in investment in dividend futures, Melanion Capital has received an additional accolade from the French authorities.

The French Ministry of Research and Development has granted this new Paris-based investment management company Innovative Startup Venture status (also known under the acronym JEI – Jeune Enterprise Innovante).
“This formal recognition validates the emphasis placed on research by the Melanion team who focus on innovation which we have identified as an essential pillar for growth,” says Jad Comair (pictured), founder and chief investment officer.
More specifically, the Ministry of R&D awarded JEI status to Melanion Capital based on:
-              The company’s competence and expertise in a new and challenging asset class: dividend futures;
-              Melanion’s R&D work, building models for forecasting dividends, dividend volatility and dividend term structure;
-              Portfolio management and the development of proprietary risk management tools for dividend futures investment
-              Development of pricing models for other dividend derivatives.
“We would like to extend our gratitude to the French Ministry of R&D for this token of approval and support which acknowledges Melanion Capital’s unique business model and further validates our cutting-edge expertise in the dividend futures market,” says Comair.

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