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BCS Prime Brokerage launches fastest trading connection between London and Moscow

BCS Prime Brokerage has launched the fastest ultra low latency data line yet between London and the Russian Exchange in Moscow.

The development now exclusively allows BCS Prime clients the opportunity to trade equities, derivatives, FX, and other financial products between the two financial centres in the most time and cost efficient manner.
It is the first ultra-low latency data line with a sub-39 millisecond connection between Moscow's M1 data-centre and the InterXion in London, ensuring the best available line between the two financial centres. There will be additional geographically diverse back up locations via Frankfurt
According to a TABB report, every millisecond of latency can result in up to USD100m per annum in lost revenue. BCS believes this lower latency will now result in higher trading profits for its clients.
The new line is available immediately for BCS prime clients.
Simultaneously, BCS will be offering its client short term contracts as well as a free initial testing period.
Michael J. Barmettler, managing director at BCS Financial Group, says: "The implementation of this new ultra-low latency connectivity service between London and Moscow establishes once again that BCS is leading the industry by offering our clients the best possible platform to maximize their Russia trading strategies and profits. This ongoing dedication to the latest technology is why BCS Prime is the first choice when it comes to trading Russian markets successfully."
BCS is the largest trader of equities and derivatives on the Moscow exchange by turnover and has 13 per cent market share of equity trading.

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