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FIX Protocol Ltd announces rebrand

FIX Protocol Ltd, the non-profit, industry-driven standards body for global financial trading, has changed its name to “FIX Trading Community”.

A new website has also been created as a platform where the global FIX community can meet and exchange knowledge.
Since its launch over 15 years ago, the organisation has achieved success in developing and encouraging adoption of the FIX messaging standard, which has become the language of the global financial trading community.  In recent years the organisation has expanded its focus to more effectively support market participants faced with the emerging business and regulatory issues impacting multi-asset trading across the globe.  Whilst the continuous enhancement and promotion of the FIX Protocol remains central to the organisation’s goals, it has explored other ways in which standardised practices can effectively support evolving business needs. 
These more recent developments have led the members of this organisation to consider that the name FIX Protocol Ltd no longer truly reflects the many ways in which the organisation supports the financial sector, nor the countless opportunities that actively participating in its vibrant member community offers to firms globally.
Chris Pickles, co-chair of the global education and marketing committee, FIX Trading Community and head of industry initiatives, global banking and financial markets, BT, says: “We feel it is important to communicate to the industry that FIX Trading Community does not just look at the technical aspects of messaging standards, and that the organisation is fundamentally focused on addressing the wider business challenges affecting its member firms and the industry as a whole through the use of standards.  FIX Trading Community is independent and neutral, and driven by industry participants.  We are very proud to have some of the best FIX technical experts around the world actively contributing to the organisation alongside senior business leaders.  Together these industry representatives are shaping the future of financial trading.”
Bill Hebert, co-chair of the global education and marketing committee, FIX Trading Community, managing director, Alpha Omega Financial Systems, says: “I am proud to have been involved with the organisation for many years, and I have witnessed the FIX Protocol revolutionise the trading environment.  I have also seen the many benefits that the organisation’s extensive efforts around standards and best practices have delivered, such as producing recommended risk controls to help achieve increased market stability.  The organisation is achieving demonstrable change in facilitating a more cost-effective, efficient and transparent global trading environment.  Through this rebranding we hope we can further communicate the wealth of opportunities that being part of FIX Trading Community presents.”
In addition to the name change, FIX Trading Community has launched a new website designed to enhance its user’s on-line experience significantly.  Reflecting the overall rebranding of the organisation, the new website will bring together senior business and technical professionals from across the buy side and sell side, from vendors, trading venues and regulators, and will offer a unique forum where the real issues impacting the industry can be debated.
In addition to enabling visitors quickly to comprehend the organisation’s very latest initiatives, the new website has been designed to support the on-line FIX community, encouraging even more collaboration and interaction between the organisation’s member firms by offering content-sharing features to its members in the form of blog posts, white papers, articles, press releases and the ability to bookmark content and comments from other websites.

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